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My small Youtube channel started on March 17th 2020 quickly grew to 60 thousand subscribers with millions of views from people who were searching for truth, especially about the much maligned "Q intel drops". I mirrored my content via podcast and started an email newsletter called "The Sean Morgan Report". I was able to interview Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies, Vaccine Truther Dr. Christiane Northrup, Political analyst Praying Medic and other notable intellectuals who were questioning the official narrative. I was also interviewed by people in the Alternative News world such as Dustin Nemos, Charlie Ward, and others. The information and analysis I was providing was too dangerous to the "Big Tech" monopolies that coordinate with the deep state. At least it must have been...because at the height of the 2020 election I was deplatformed from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Patreon, Teespring, and Discord.Despite the setback from the deplatformings that have taken away my fundraising, clothing store, private chat group, and social channels, my audience of loyal truthseekers have stepped up and supported my work through 2020 and 2021. I have a weekly show on and my new channels on Telegram and continue to grow. If you're looking for objective research, alternative perspectives, and rigorous analysis of breaking news, check out my videos, podcasts, and newsletters. No matter what the megalithic institutions try to do to stop the flow of information, I will continue to expose corruption and stand up for human rights. This is the great awakening and nothing can stop humanity from uniting against tyranny.  Get connected on Gab, Telegram, Email, and Video at
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