The Sean Morgan Report

Watching Political Theatre with Jason Dean | SEAN MORGAN REPORT Ep. 14

September 30, 2023 Sean Morgan
The Sean Morgan Report
Watching Political Theatre with Jason Dean | SEAN MORGAN REPORT Ep. 14
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In this episode of SMR, Sean Morgan interviews Dr. Jason Dean about the funding of the war in Ukraine by house republicans, the exposure of the border crisis by Elon Musk, Fauci being caught red-handed with the CIA, and much more.

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Speaker 1:

Sean Morgan report. Proof of Joe Biden's corruption is being laid out for public consumption. We're gonna question the mainstream narrative and expose media propaganda right now.

Speaker 2:

That's a great question. That's a good question. That's a great question. That's a great question.

Speaker 1:

Well, that's a really good question, that's a great question. Well, you're right.

Speaker 3:

This is real time, unfiltered. No, there's no preconditions, no, nothing. This is what you see, is what I see. So you know, it could be like a little bit, you know, a herky-jerky at times, because this is not like you know, a piece that's being filmed and then subsequently edited and what not. This is, you know, live, this is the raw feed you're seeing right here. So, all right with that. Oh, and I should actually let me preface this by also saying that I am, you know, as an immigrant to the United States. I'm extremely pro-immigrant and I believe that we need a greatly expanded legal immigration system and that we should let anyone in the country who is hardworking and honest and will be a contributor to the United States. We should have expedited legal approval for anyone who sort of falls in that category, but then, by the same token, we should also not be allowing people in the country if they're breaking the law. That doesn't make sense. The law is there for a reason. So, you know, I think we want to do both things Do that legal immigration and then stop, you know, sort of a flow of people that is of such magnitude that is actually leading to a collapse of social services, where even America's largest city, new York, is buckling under the pressure of just how many illegal immigrants are going to New York. If New York can't handle it well, pretty much no part of the country can. So if we don't do something soon, we're just going to have like a collapse in social services, as we're already seeing in New York.

Speaker 1:

Wow, that was a lawn musk at the border of all people. Dr Jason Deane joins us in. A year or two ago, could you have imagined that, you know, twitter would have a new owner and they'd be live streaming the border crisis.

Speaker 4:

It's a fun movie. I routinely joke about this. No, it's. You know, I always go back to. I go back to timelines, I go back to historical, biblical timelines. We're literally in a biblical timeline right now and we're in a reset of that timeline. And so I think right now you're seeing, you know, good actors and bad actors, so I'll leave it at that on the stage. And so Elon Musk, for example. I have little to no trust on Elon Musk and I don't know how you feel about him, but this is the same guy who is having long term goal. Short term goal, he's putting neural link together. Obviously, he put Twitter over to X. But long term goal, his goal is to have computers implanted into people's brains, essentially with nanotechnology and other things. So I don't trust him. Nothing is good or bad, I don't know because I don't know the guy but at the same time, it's very interesting because we are you're hitting a barrier in this country at this point, which is, obviously, I have major problems. We have major problems, people coming across the border. And you know, I married to a woman whose grandfather came across the border from Italy the proper way through Ellis Island and became a citizen of this country and so, as I watch this, we are hitting roadblocks. We are hitting essentially a precipice where something has to be done and we're going to get to the point where people realize that the people in office and I am not going to bash the Democrats, I'm going to bash the Democrats just as much as I bash the Republicans, because it is a uniparty neither party carries cares. I would be willing to bet Sean, 99.9% of our Congress, house and Senate are corrupt to the core, to the point. When I see that video with Elon good or bad I believe our country needs to be controlled, demolition to the ground, and I believe we need to restart again with the reset. I'm not saying great race, great reset, not going there, but we need a political reset, we need a nation reset, we need a constitution reset, we need a financial reset, because none of this works going forward unless you actually take the whole system down. So I hope that answers your question.

Speaker 1:

Well, it certainly helps us explore it further, and one of the things that has to happen for us to be able to start again is people have to realize how bad it really is, and it seems like, with the control mainstream media, the crisis at the border has been completely ignored. On Fox News, they talk about it. What about on CNN? What about the other networks? Joe Biden and the borders are. Kamala Harris and even the DHS secretary, my orcas, all say there's no problem at the border and so it's a real fake reality that they're living in and that they're pushing this lie. And then the people who are asleep believe that lie. But when Elon Musk a person who is liberal, a person who talks to liberals and helps them understand things, when he starts waking them up about this, then I think we can start to solve the problem once we understand we have one. So I think it's definitely a move in the right direction. And how about putting out all of the evidence of Joe Biden's corruption in this impeachment hearing? Do you think that that's helpful? Do you think it's all just a show? You know, what do you think about that process?

Speaker 4:

My honest answer on that shot. I believe so. I'm one of those over in this other world. It's funny. I appreciate your show because you're at least willing to talk about this, but I don't do the pundit show anymore. I don't do the red-blue thing anymore because it's just not like. I literally look at this and I go and in this morning. So, for example, this wake up this morning we find out that Diane Feinstein passes away. I look at that and I go. I remember some biblical people timelines talking about. They start falling in the fall and within literally several days after the autumn fall, equinox, diane Feinstein goes out. Now keep in mind, when I say I'm watching a show, I'm watching some sort of produced movie which is almost not a reality at this point. I went on Fox News just because I was curious and there's politicians, republican and Democrat, who are supposed to be in conservative corners are lauding how wonderful Diane Feinstein was, how great she was when they first became a senator or a congressperson and that she was amazing work and the things she did for our country. We know that she openly had a Chinese spy driving her around. We know that she comes from California and she openly was filtering money in through short-selling stocks and from the CCP. So we have our politicians saying today how great she is, how wonderful she is and appreciate of her service I have. This may sound terrible and I'm sorry for everybody out there who just offends. I have zero appreciation for her service. She's a criminal. She's a war criminal. She's violated RICO-X. She is literally a traitor and treasonous to the United States of America. So when I see this, I'm looking at this whole thing as a giant mess. And you talked about the border and that's how we went to this topic. We have more and more people coming in, potentially millions, and they're giving them hotel rooms. I know people who are in the airline industry who have been on airplanes where they're literally children, most likely being trafficked, because the whole scenario doesn't make sense. There's people on those planes. There's people from across the border. They're taking to other cities. Then, on top of that, they're giving them government money from a welfare standpoint. Now we have politicians behind the scenes who are making more money than ever. They're short selling on Wall Street. They're getting inside trade stock deals. Then, on top of that, we have the FTX debacle. Within the last year we have criminal money being sent over to the Ukraine a couple hundred billion, I think at this point now, without knowing the number. The entire system is such a mess at this point. Here's my question. I think you're pretty awake. I know I'm very awake. I know a lot of our colleagues out there are awake. We're in the space. How many more Americans need to see this mess before they just say you know what we're done because our money's done? At the end of the day, is everyone ready for their $10, $20 cup of coffee or their $30 loaf of bread, just like Venezuela has? Or even worse? I have friends that are here that came in legally from Venezuela, where they actually make clothes now and hats out of their money because it's so worthless. I think America's about to get a very rude awakening, sean.

Speaker 1:

Yeah, it might have to get a lot worse before it gets better. And you're saying, why should I have to? Hasn't it gotten bad enough? Well, let's take a look at a video of what's happening right now in Congress, as they're putting it out in the open for, hopefully, some of the normies, to realize how obvious the corruption is. Let's take a look.

Speaker 2:

Here's Joe Biden's words from August 28, 2019. First of all, I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything to do with their business. From September of the same year, I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings. October same year. Quote I don't discuss business with my son. Were Joe Biden's words true? No, they were false. So why did he lie repeatedly? In an interview back in 2019 with the New Yorker, even Hunter admitted that he talked to his dad about business, specifically barisma. Many of Hunter Biden's business associates have testified. Joe Biden met with them. Two of the ones closest to Hunter, rob Walker and Devin Archer, were among them. So they not only spoke to them, they took a lot of the business associates, took photos with them, they played golf with him. They gave Joe Biden gave them White House tours, he wrote letters of recommendation for their children and shared fancy dinners as well. So let's also talk about patterns. Erie Luzkoff and Yelena Bedirina. They are Russian, they were married Russian oligarch billionaires. Michael McFall, the US ambassador to Russia, id Luzkoff as being corrupt. Yelena Bedirina wires $3.5 million to Hunter Biden Soon thereafter. Who does she have dinner with Then? Vice president Joe Biden, kenneth Raskov Rackischew rather and Karim Mazumov, kazakhstanian nationals. Mazumov used to be the prime minister. He's now in prison. Rackischew wires $142,300 to Hunter Biden. The next day, hunter Biden buys a Porsche for $142,300. And then soon after, who do you think Kenny's Rackischew has dinner with? Say it with me Then. Vice president Joe Biden.

Speaker 1:

It's just so obvious. They wire the money. He buys a Porsche. They wire the money they have a dinner with the vice president. It should just show everyone. This is exactly how it works. This is pay for play at every level of our government. So any thoughts after you watch that video?

Speaker 4:

Oh, I mean it's, I mean for you and I. So talk about watching a movie For you and I, I mean I really I consider honestly anybody probably who's watching this the 1% of the 1%. We're so awake since 2020. I mean, most of us are COVID awake and many of us are way beyond before COVID awake, so this, this is not shocking at all. I mean it's, it's blatantly obvious. I think the hilarious part in the last week is the fact that there's a there's Democrats in Congress who are saying it's insane that we're actually working towards impeachment of the sitting of the president, or the administrator and chief, as I call him, because I just can't call him president because I don't think he is. However, it's so insane. The problem here is not us. The problem is we have 320 million Americans and out of that, maybe, let's say, 250, 300 million Americans who think that this congressional show that we're watching, the fact that you know I go back to our founders you know, and I think we really need to do this Our founders if you go read about our founders when they were actually in Congress and they were arguing back and forth. They were arguing back and forth what they wanted to be American what they wanted to have for legislation. But their common purposes were that America was first right, what is the best for the colonies, what is best for the states? And they argued back and forth and they didn't even have the same viewpoints on everything, but they they went for the common goal. Versus today, there's no common goal. You have one side. It's just for Ukraine. Yeah, yeah, at the end of the day, we are funneling money to a nation that we that is known to be embezzling, and I'm a doctor in healthcare. We know. We knew before Tucker Carlson exposed that. We knew you know all the diggers on the internet. We knew that there were bio labs. I have documentation showing not only bio labs in Ukraine, bio labs in in Canada and other places, and they've been using biological warfare well before COVID. So we see all this. The problem and I always go back to this, the problem is we can't be an echo chamber. Fox News is not going to cover this, cnn definitely is not covering this. Msnbc is definitely not covering this. I appreciate shows like this and going out, because I've known you for some time in this, in this industry. This content, this information, this AMP has to go out. These all have to go out to newer people because, at the end of the day, they still think we're conspiracies here, sean, they still think we're a little crazy in the head because, like I'm talking movies and everything else and shows and the fact that Congress is 99% afraud at this point, they don't fully understand that and, and I don't think, no matter how much work we do, I think you're right they're going to have to be shown and by being shown, that means there's going to have to be major damage done. America, I think, is going to die on the operating table. I think we will rise again, but it's going to take a very scary moment, most likely the financial sector, because when the market crashes and people freak out, it's going to take that for us to change our ways.

Speaker 1:

I really agree with you. That is when people wake up, when it really affects their daily life, and that's financially, that's their pocketbook. We are going to take a quick break when we come back. I want to ask you about Ukraine, because they just voted to keep paying for the war in Ukraine, even though it seems like everyone knows we've already lost it. Let's take a look at this commercial and we'll come right back.

Speaker 5:

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Speaker 1:

Well, the Republican-controlled House has just approved security money for Ukraine, but perceptions are changing, with 100 people voting against it. Jason, do you remember back when everyone had a Ukraine flag on their social media profile picture and all of the congresspeople didn't matter who they were, they were 100% against Russia and for Ukraine? And now we've got half of them finally siding with their constituents who don't want any part of this anymore. This just shows, in a way, how asleep most people still are because we're not riding in the streets, that they're still giving money to Ukraine. But at the same time, it does show some change from that really strong time of propaganda when everyone in Congress and it seems like everyone on social media was raw, raw, raw for Ukraine.

Speaker 4:

Yeah, that was a big moment. There was a lot of people out there. I mean, most of us saw the writing on the wall way before that. But for the average American out there, between their COVID boosters and jab avatars and their Ukrainian flags, they had quite the pictures on social media. What will be a couple hundred billion dollars later? And people are finally saying, hey, wait a second, this doesn't seem. It seems like a lot of money is going over there. How does that affect us? And here's the kicker about this In the last week or so I've been just doing some studying and it's pretty obvious that they keep saying our congressmen and women keep saying, well, we got to send more money over there. The Lindsey Graham's of the world, they're like we're just going to keep doing it. I just heard Governor Christie, who don't even get when do you get into? Him was on a major, major podcast called the All In Podcast, which is one of the top podcasts in the world, with some venture capitalists from California on there, and I listened to it just because I wanted to get a taste of what he was saying. Right, and I would never vote for him. But he said that he would absolutely continue to stand behind the Ukraine with money, with support, with weapons, and I'm thinking now there's a lot of people that listen to that podcast and he is still promoting that. Essentially, that lie. Where does this end? At one? I mean, we are the point and keep in mind it's well known at this point that Russia is decimating Ukraine. I mean, they're decimating the troops. If you actually look at the news behind the scenes, the Ukraine is just it's crumbling, which it's not surprising. They're crumbling, and I take a different vantage on this point. So, whether or not people agree with this in a conservative world or not, I'm not saying Putin is the greatest guy in the world, but let's just look at it the way it is. I'm not, mr, against Russia, putin and Russia Putin is trying to protect the Russians, right, Putin? Ukraine is because Aryan Mafia, as they called him. So Putin is literally trying to take out the problem that he's had for a very long time. So, again, I'm not saying he's a good person. I'm not saying he's the greatest guy in the world. He might still be a dictator, but at the end of the day, just like President Trump, right President Trump not always the nicest guy in the world, like he had some down points. He had some mean tweets. There's some things that I don't even like that he did right, but at the end of the day, what was he trying to do? The point is to protect your country. I was not a Saddam Hussein fan. I was not necessarily a Gaddafi fan. However, what were they doing? They were trying to protect their oil-rich countries. So, at the end of the day, it is not our job to either fund or go into another nation. Let their people do it. Let their people uprise against them. America has to stop going everywhere and blowing things up. We need to keep things at home. We need to become more nationalized. We need to become more libertarian and actually take care of ourselves first. Start production here. America can be so much better. The problem is we haven't seen in a very long time, so I think a lot of the new generation doesn't really know what that looks like and they're a little scared of that. But we need to go back to the American values.

Speaker 1:

Yes, isn't it interesting that Putin has put it before the UN Security Council to research these biolabs and what kind of possibly targeting the Slavic race with certain experimentation? And Hunter Biden and his MetaBiota investments? Right there in the middle of it, of course, there's Burisma. His family is knee-deep in corruption in Ukraine and Putin has put it out there in these various reports that these various Democrats operatives are part of this network George Soros, hillary Clinton, obama, the Bidens, and the list goes on. So it is a type of transnational criminal network that does involve politicians and overlaps with with this man and the politicians and so forth. So I think it's all coming out and we haven't seen the last of that Exposure campaign. We're running out of time. You're a doctor. I want to make sure we do talk about some of the medical freedom things. Zero hedge had an interesting article. Yet another fear mongering COVID surge turns into a trickle as hospital admissions. Wayne, do you think we're an election variant of COVID? Do you think they're really going to try to pull off Mail-in voting and all of this stuff again?

Speaker 4:

Oh, so this is what they do. I'll give you their playbook. So and I have evidence of this we can always send it over to, if you need to the. So the American military, the doD, the corrupt doD not not like the good guys, right? The corrupt doD. They have been creating bio weapons for as long as you can possibly remember. Covid was not the first one. They've been doing it. Lime and other ones are bio weapons. So what they do is they continue to manipulate stuff. So, from a pathogen standpoint, I am not worried about any pathogen. I'm not worried about COVID. I'm not worried about any of the different variants that they have, because they can't even prove that in this I have it. However, they have an aerosolized Pathogens that they are creating in the lab gain of function, research, right. So what they're gonna do? Absolutely 100%. Now, I don't personally think we get to a 2024 election. That's just my own personal viewpoint. I think too much stuff is gonna happen before then. However, give it a chance. Yes, 100%. They will go for the fear tactic. You'll start seeing the red ticker on the mainstream news. They're gonna start trying to get people to go into hospitals. They're also I mean it's, it's been known at this point. The spike protein has Marburg in it, has HIV in it there. That's scientific at this point. So they are definitely going to release stuff. They're definitely gonna set things off. You will have major problems before that. They are also parroting the line right now that global warming or climate change is causing health related issues, causing cardiac deaths, causing cardiac cardiac your problems. So they are literally throwing everything plus the sink at, shutting everything down because, quite honestly, if there was an election, they definitely don't want RFK junior taken on the Democrats, they definitely don't want president Trump in this thing and there's nothing they can do because the two or two, the two are too popular and there they would steal it, they would go up against each other. So if we get to that point, 100%, that's their game. They cheat, they've got this playbook down so well. This is communist China. This is what they're trying to do bringing in the social credit scores. They bring in everything. They are going for a full-on. This is right out of Karl Marx's playbook Marxism in America. Because you remember the last, the last country to fall, they need America to go down. So if they get control over us completely, if they get control over the people completely through fear. And, by the way, the greatest fear in the world is not a trade tower going down from planes. It's not a war. The greatest fear is a pathogen, because you can't see it. It's in the air. It's an invisible enemy, as president Trump said. So when they continue that fear, they now know that pandemics Are the new terrorism, biological terrorism, fifth generation warfare. That's how they control the masses going forward.

Speaker 1:

And it keeps that free. Floating anxiety going for a long time gives people really malleable to manipulate Psychologically. We know, we know that we've seen it, we've lived through it and we're wondering why in these debates they're not talking about it, because it's the most significant thing We've been through as a society since World War two. So you know, it's up to us, I suppose, to keep having the conversation. Now talk about Another example. Just like with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, we've had so many smoking guns. But here's another headline that's making the news that Fauci secretly went to the CIA headquarters to influence the COVID-19 origins probe. So you know, as if we didn't need, we've already seen the emails and so forth of him influencing and how to frame this and everything. But the origins are so important and I think that this is a significant headline. What are your thoughts on it?

Speaker 4:

Oh, no, 100%, of course he did. I mean it's. I mean I have some data showing that he. So they absolutely took most likely from a bat, and then they take it into a lab and they gain a function, research on it, they pollute it with their chemicals and then they create something out of it. Now, that doesn't have to make people sick, but the combination of that, the combination of them Smearing people behind the scenes, the combination of them buying off scientists and everything else from a CIA standpoint like that Hard to go showing Ultimately, this is how they expose this out openly. Now, keep in mind, here's the kicker. He retired right now. That doesn't make that makes him still criminally negligent, but he retired on purpose because now he believes he's less touchable, right? So people have to keep their eyes on the fact. Fauci Did this, just like he did HIV AIDS back in the 70s, right? He? He's going to look untouchable because he's quote-unquote out of the public eye and out of government. But no, it's got to go back to him. It's got to go back to his cronies and it has to be handled.

Speaker 1:

Yes, and there have to be the, the falls of these figures that were up on pedestals. The Joe Bidens who were made out to be so much better than Trump. The Fauci's who were supposedly our savior during the, the pandemic, when people realized that person, that they just was against them. That's a, that's a rude awakening. Well, we've run out of time, jason. Where can people go to learn more about your work and your show?

Speaker 4:

Yeah, best place to go is brave TV, calm, check that out. We have the podcast there five days a week, but also we have the store over there where we kill parasites. We help people handle chronic health issues. Check it out. Anything we can do. We spread health, freedom and knowledge, so I appreciate it, sean.

Speaker 1:

Amen, you're doing, jason. Thank you so much and thank you all of you for watching amp news. We are America's Patriot only network. Go to amp news that us register for Every Thursday to our show hosts and other experts. Get your question here. Yeah, my breaking news updates at Sean Morgan report calm. God bless all you Patriots. Good night, good luck you.

Speaker 6:

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Speaker 3:

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