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Transagenda Interview With Journalist Paul Furber #Qanon

May 07, 2020 Sean Morgan
The Sean Morgan Report
Transagenda Interview With Journalist Paul Furber #Qanon
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Unknown Speaker :

I'm Sean Morgan and I'm asking the hard questions about alternative topics like Q anon and Coronavirus, get the free ebook at Q and on or with Paul Ferber of Paul Ferber nets. Paul is a journalist and technologists in South Africa. Paul, is there anything you want to add to that? A little description that I gave? No, that's Yeah. troublemaker whatever. Yeah, that's that's about like biker Christian. Yeah. Like a Christian. Yeah. I make a toss sometimes. That sort of thing. Very cool. Well, in the last episode, we got into a lot of topics like human on big dick and on Coronavirus. Sacrifice in the satanic called the deep states. So we covered a lot of territory. But I wanted to go a little bit more detail into where we're at now in the timeline that Q has been laying out for the last couple of years and what's happening Next. So, you know, with Flynn looks like he's going to be exonerated. That leaves an opening for him to re enter the administration. I think spy Gates is just on the cusp and the declassification of the origins and everything. So yeah. What do you think? Where are we at right now? How do you see things maybe playing out? And you can feel free to speculate? A little bit? Yeah, that's a great question, Shawn. So I think, look, Corona was a global Black Swan. So we just changed changed all the timelines. And I also think that I know a lot of people believe that plans are set in stone, trust the plan. The plan is the plan is the ultimate authority. It's not it's not quite as clear cut as that. geopolitics is slow and it's messy, and it's always changing. You're always you know, especially got this from big deck anon is that and mega anon, who is another A woman in fact, who popped up in July in July 2016. It's a full on race to the finish you're on. It's good versus evil and you're always fighting, you're adjusting. You're making plans, moves, counter moves. So it's much more fluid. I think then people suspect. Venezuela, for instance, is geopolitically, Trump is kicking Maduro out and freeing the nation. But and by freeing, he means installing criminals that they can trust in charge. So that Yeah, they can troll takes you gotta work with what you got. Yeah. But from a global strategic point of view, the US once Trump wants to get out of the Middle East, he's sick of wasting billions of dollars in it. And that the Chinese and the Israelis and the Saudis and the Russians deal with it. It's much closer than the US shouldn't be in the Middle East anyway. So what he wants to do And what he's almost about to do is secure Venezuela's oil, so that the US can be completely energy independent, and that South America can be fixed. He wants to fix South America, because for a number of reasons, one, it's a neighbor, relatively speaking to there's an ice age coming, we've got a mini Ice Age on the way, which is going to be pretty fearsome. And the northern hemisphere is going to get hit hard. Russia, Canada, you know, the UK, they're gonna really struggle with the low temperatures that are coming. So the US needs farmland. and South America is nearby, so it needs some measure of control over that. So sorry, I seem to have wandered off wandered off the topic. So how did I get here talking about geopolitics and whatever? Yeah, so so the cue and on and the next one right. Yeah, that's right. The plan is much more fluid than most people think. But there's a sequence, right? I mean, they have to clean up. That's right. Yeah, it's very much the bad guys do this too. So for instance, I don't know if you saw that post of mine from a couple of months ago, where this this guy got invited to a meeting by accident in London, where senior members of the cult that runs the world were talking about their sequence of things that had to happen. And it was war, you know, nuclear war, limited nuclear war between Iran and Israel ceasefire. China catches a cold then, you know, then governments around the world crackdown, particularly in the West crackdown on their citizens, restrict free to move and then finally a full blown nuclear war. So it's not they don't have dead and sit dates and these things, but they say First this has to happen then that has to happen. And I think what's happening where you talk about the Spygate, plotters and bar and the decalcification of the stuff that's coming. These things have to be done in a certain order. So, yeah, General Flynn's exoneration will happen. And that's happened now because then that, you know, those notes were which reveal that, yeah, the FBI were trying to set him up, that that had to come out. So eventually, General Flynn will be exonerated, and he'll be back in the White House, which is great because he's a very smart guy and a very, you know, a very principled, a very principled soldier. The Spy gate stuff, bar. org, I reckon has been offering various people deals behind the scenes. So because this is this is like rolling up a crime syndicate from the bottom app. You had your boy, you start With the foot soldiers, and then you go to the middleman and then you get to sort of the right hand man. And then finally, you get to the kingpins. And that and the reason you take you do them last is because everything has to be watertight. Trump could have arrested anyone, everyone on January the 21st 2017. And they would have all walked because the whole system was against him. Now the system is strong Bay the system has swung in his favor and be he's been rolling up all the networks and the corruption from the bottom up. And there's not long left to go I think. Yeah, that's Yates McCabe comi struck. Brennan clapper. Yeah are looking at. They're looking at the Thunderbolt is coming for them pretty soon. And again, that will be done strictly by the book. All right, the rule of law, the principles you listen to Bob And Trump what has happened to you know, they both of them have railed against what has happened to these people. What has happened to me should never happen to an American anywhere, again, any will not, it shouldn't it shouldn't depth of corruption and subversion of the entire American system. All three branches was just so unfair, unbelievable, great, that it's taken this long, and I think it still will take years to work to work the evil out of the system. This is really a battle for civilization itself and the structures and institutions that we've we've developed that make Western civilization so so great and so organized and so effective. Exactly. And the the economic reset plays into this and you've looked at US Treasury anon, is that right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, one of my followers sent me a link to what he said and that was fascinating. This guy's this guy's claiming that, that Treasury notes are In vaults and ready to rock and roll, because of Yeah, the plan was to do it next year, but I think it's been moved ahead now because the global economy has come to a grinding halt. That's not it's gonna be pleasant you guys will be okay. And the US, you American citizens will be looked after. And you know, your whole country is going that the whole the systems are going to they're already in place and enable to help people out as much as possible. Risk the world not so much. I mean, we're we're starting here we're starting to starve because of the lockdown not because of the virus but because of the lockdown. Right? And golden the Golden Horse plays into all of this and one of the interesting things big dick anon has claimed is that that they can manufacture gold go through alchemy and have unlimited supply of gold. But what I found interesting is I actually tried to buy some gold recently and I wasn't able to on any of these Boolean sites like my, the the economy ends on physical metal Can you know, I can't no matter how I try different websites, and yet the price doesn't, hasn't gone through the roof like I expected to during one of the biggest downturns in economic history. So what what the heck is going on with gold? With no idea? It's weird, I think. I think the old you can tear up all the rules about gold right now. In fact, you can tear up all the rules about everything because the global economy has grown to a halt. I think gold will increase in value pretty expected will probably double in the next month or so. But it's not. I mean, it has gone up, okay. However, there was an awful lot of there was an awful lot of borrowed money behind its current price. And I think that might be being flushed out at the moment. You know, instead of, you know, instead of an ounce of gold equaling 1600 and $95, or whatever it is, there's, you know, you've got an ounce of gold somewhere. And there's literally millions of dollars floating around in swaps and options and puts and bets and all kinds of insurance nonsense. That gives the illusion of wealth but it's actually not real. You know, do you remember the disasters with credit default swaps in 2008? That was all fiction, paper these crappy home loans which as soon as the Goldman Sachs kind of bought them in house, they suddenly magically transmogrified into a structured investment vehicle. Hmm, are you kidding me? How did that work? And of course, you know, when guys couldn't borrow any more money, then the whole thing blew up. I don't know where that applies to gold. Now. I'm as confused As you are with, with what is happening with the gold industry, but I think gold will always be around, it'll always be something valuable a store of value. And the fact that, you know, the US can make it out of lead secretly, they've only really contributed about 10% of the gold supply in the last 50 years using this method if, if they are making a ton of data as Vidya has claimed. So I don't think we've suddenly destroyed the whole foundation of the store of value overnight. But so well, no, that must be at the heart of the the war between the deep states and the white hats, which is wealth and power and control economically. And so you would think that both sides are trying to figure out how can we come out on the other side of this big crisis, having the highest store of wealth and so I would imagine that cryptocurrency Gold's resources like, I don't know, oil has gone into negative territory recently so that that's also confusing. So, that's that's what I'm trying to figure out is, is who owns what around the world like, is the whole central banking and the Rothschilds and everything where we tried to bankrupt or we tried to bankrupt them recently with like the the Rothschilds thought they were going to crash our economy but we ended up bankrupting or like actually causing them to to get a loss on their side of the the accounting. I don't know what I don't know what's going on with ebooks behind the scenes, but certainly the you know, if you want to play kick the can down the road when it comes to things like debt. You cannot do that when the global economy comes to a screeching halt. You can't do it, because there is no global economy if we're all sitting at home doing nothing, which is what happened. Oil is a funny one because Oil itself is worth about $30 a barrel at the moment, which is low, but it's not negative 37 that the reason for that drop was that there's no more storage for oil. So there's no more demand. Because there is no more demand. Nobody's driving anywhere. Nobody's flying anywhere, and nobody's putting on stuff on boats anywhere, you know, shipping stuff anyway. China's manufacturing capacity at the moment, I think is about 40% of what it was a year ago. That's so yeah. So there's no demand for oil, which is why buyers were paying distributors not to not to deliver which then put the price into the negatives. But yeah, that that will that will write itself once we once we get going again. As far as as far as the the central banking systems reset, that is going to happen. I think, if the US start if the US switches over to Treasury notes, That will be the absolute death knell for every central bank in the world, not immediately, but they will eventually, they will eventually have to close, they will eventually have to close their doors, they'll have to change their whole systems. Right. And also the idea of a debt a debt Jubilee would probably wipe out a couple of international banks. Right. That would be nice. Yeah. And not to mention that once the US moves over to Treasury notes, they'll just print as many US dollars as they need to pay off their international debt in US dollars. matches it. Yeah, they'll just run the money machine. And the machine goes no, proper. Yeah, I think I think a reset is coming. I think the US is going to reset its entire status financially with the world. And I think that will be the time for Trump to reveal all the futuristic tech you know the stuff Yeah, free and he and laid into gold and those sort of things. He doesn't think Want to make America great again, he wants to free the world from these sick evil people at the top of the pile who've been keeping us down. And I think he will be recognized as the greatest president ever for doing that. And it's coming soon. It's going to happen in his next term. Well, yeah, exactly. I mean, the first term may have been really to set the groundwork for for the real policy changes, because by the next term, he will have control over the Congress or the republican party and his allies will have control over the Congress, the Supreme Court, yeah, all the other courts, they'll be able to pass any legislation they want, and they have the support of the populace. So you can't have a better formula for policy changes. Indeed. So one of the interesting things that you are very, you're very adamant about on Twitter are is the trans agenda. Recently, this has gained more momentum in the consciousness regarding Michelle Obama and specifically two videos of her male genitalia being shown on television one on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and one of her walking down some stairs going into a car. And her her. Her whole structure of her face in her body is completely masculine. And this is something that kind of like everyone just knew at a gut level, from almost the beginning, she's being having more masculine as she gets older. So you and you analyze people's faces and bodies like famous people, like I think it was the Prime Minister of New Zealand and maybe some others. Yeah. So So can you tell me about your perspective on this? Yeah, sure. So I said earlier. You know, you've got the cults that runs the world at the top of the pile who worship Lucifer and whatever. One of the principal one of the principles of because it's their religion, it's a religious belief at that level is the worship of androgyny. And if you go and read this sacred text, you will see that what they want to ultimately achieve is to fuse man and woman back together again. They believe that Adam and Eve were born and right what Adam was born androgynous i remember correctly, and that God splits Adam in two and that Eve was one half and Adam was the other. And that to get back together again, is the ultimate goal. It's part of part of Masonic alchemy, that they are stirring us up faster and faster for the great singularity that's coming. And part of that huge, you know, that post enlightened age, post singularity ages that dangerous Justice will be worshipped. So these people have been pushing the sector of androgyny on us for decades, probably, probably centuries. In fact, you know, you look at people like Queen Elizabeth the first and you think you a man probably Yeah. So and a lot of royal Europe, right? Well, the Royals of Europe, oil of all of the Royals of Europe and Princess Stephanie, I'm thoroughly convinced as a man. So whatever you want to call them, the Illuminati, they don't call themselves Illuminati. That's about 150 years out of date, but the council that the senior members of this Luciferian organization that are you know, at the heart of the people who run you know, who really have power in the world and worship the androgynous and in entertainment and politics and royalty they Push you know they push deceptively transgendered people on us, too. There's a sort of a near near you know part of it, but there's like, diapers delights like Megan Markel. Another example, right, exactly. Well, you see this this thing that's got to be done in the spirit of deception. Because they're masters Lucifer and he's the father of lies. And so they're they, they push the androgynous on us to get us used to the idea that the great Andrew Jain is coming. And you can see this everywhere. You can see it in miniseries like Westworld and the poster. You can see it in all these famous people who are not the gender that they are actually presenting. There's actually Yeah, actually, there's I mean, there was like an Oscar winner or nominee a couple of years ago and I saw the movie it was about someone who believed they were a a woman. Men trapped in a man's body. And they were one of the first people to get a sex change. And it was, it was celebrated as this powerful inspirational story of a transgender person. But when I saw the movie, I felt so empathetic for someone with a mental disorder that disfigured their own body and ended up dying. And there's another movie called Hedwig and the Angry Inch that actually just describes exactly what you you described as the man and the woman being separated. It's also a botched, botched sex change your musical but but what I wanted to get at with with this is that there has been very deliberate in the last 10 years, especially of getting us to accept gay marriage and celebrate gay marriage, but also this one Whole trans activism thing of saying that all people are oppressed, especially black people and women and gay people and trans people so that that's the new thing. The LGBTQ rs lmnop Yeah, you know so so this. This is interesting when you connect it to the cult and their religious beliefs, because what has come out recently with Jeffrey Epstein and with Harvey Weinstein is that they both had disfigured genitalia. According to I think in a court of law, they they asked Harvey Weinstein if the eyewitness described his genitalia correctly as a penis vagina, and he said yes, that was perfectly described. Yeah. Yeah, that yeah, that that, that androgynous. Yeah, that androgynous undercurrent That is that is in all of this. It just comes through no matter what you do no matter you know what aspect you look at. There's another person I follow on Twitter named Larry Johnson. He's a former professional football player. And he has been exposing how this is very prevalent in sports that they get the masculine sports guys to wear pink and act feminine. Yeah, it's this deem masculine, you know, trying to get us all to get the men to be women, the women to be men and just turn everything upside down God's creation and God's plan. Exactly. Do I mean, there's a good case to be made, for instance, that Babe Ruth was a woman. They route famous baseball players. Yeah, it was actually an FTM. But yeah, and again, that that's, you see, it's that subversion of Western culture. In Western civilization and traditional family values that's at the heart of all this. You know, to pick another example Sherlock, which was a magnificent TV series, really, probably the best modern adaptation of a classic I've ever seen. But Cumberbatch is a girl. He was born a woman. He was born a woman, and I can tell because I just looked at pictures of him on a beach. And I can see he's got female hips. He walks like a female. And he's been on like, talk shows, where he joked about dressing up as a ballet dancer at school and Yeah, hello, Yeah, dude. Really? I mean, he has female energy eyes. And then you have, you know, a whole lot of people in ketogenic Reno, the Attorney General, was a man, unquestionably a man. You know, I put this out on Twitter and I got a lot of pushback and then, but then I got some people coming back and saying, you know, actually, you might Have something there. And then an old friend of mine from Cleveland messaged me. And he said, You know, I just saw a documentary about janet reno from 20 years ago. And I instantly drew the conclusion that that it was a man, no problem. And he wants to know, no, he wants to know what what has happened to you know, what has lifted from the world in the last sort of three years that we're all now starting to see it. And I can't tell you but something has definitely lifted from our eyes and our hearts, that we now can tell that these sick evil individuals are among us and that they're being deceitful. Right. I don't know what it is. It's a good thing, whatever it is, but I don't know what it is. Well, I remember when I was when I was in kindergarten, and someone asked me if I hated anyone, or if I would kill anyone, and I said Saddam Hussein. And that's an example of how young were indoctrinated. You know, a couple of years later, It came out that the the father and mother figure of the United States, Hillary and Bill Clinton, well, well, Bill was was doing kinky stuff with a young intern and they stayed together and it was just it's just breaking down those family values and then you get to the point of the Obamas of like actually putting two men in the White House. You know that that is and it's this kind of deception. It works on your subconscious because people don't consciously know she's a man. But unconsciously they do. Feel they do. Yeah, yeah, that's that's the same thing with all the media that they're basically getting us all to like worship and adore some an abomination and you know, Mama abomination. Absolutely right. Yeah, no, you're quite right. It's actually worse in some respects in the entertainment industry, where you have men who are portray themselves as women. Now men have ridiculously low levels of body fat compared to a woman, they also find it dead easy to lose weight. And they have, you know, they have, they find it much easier to maintain an athletic figure. But here you have all these actresses in inverted commas portraying themselves as a feminized ideal to young women, who then starve themselves growing up or they aspire to something they can never achieve, because they really are women. And, you know, Taylor Swift and Kira della bean, aren't there actually, boys? So, you know, that's, that's another aspect of the whole cultural and subversion of the human race. In fact, most certainly the Western and Western people. Do you think it gets to the point of there are some non human entities involved or do you see those as demons or not? Yeah, I don't know. Enough, but I'm entirely open to the fact. I really yeah. I'm entirely open to that. Whether the some of the stuff some of the stuff I've seen on 4chan, you know, kind of kick kind of gets to you. But yeah, I, if somebody says, you know, if suddenly tomorrow, people are revealed as being non human in some way or another, I won't be surprised in the slightest, but I don't have the knowledge or the expertise or the evidence to say one way or the other. And what about this idea of a fake alien invasion or a fake disclosure? I mean, there are people like john john Podesta, who who have been involved in ancient aliens. Yeah, operation, what is it called? Operation bluebeam. I think Blue Beam that went Yeah, that actually goes back to the early 60s. That's a very old and evil idea from the CIA. It there are a number of different forms of it. There's a fake Second Coming of Christ. Or a fake alien invasion? I mean a fake alien. They were going to do a fake stick and have come in Christ to the Cubans to convince them to kind of surrender. Literally. I mean, that's public record that that whole operation even declassified. Yeah, we're gonna do it. That was one of the ideas before they have pics happened. Wow. So when was like 6061. The the second coming of Christ in the current clans is actually was that I believe was going to be actually real that was going to be Lucifer and demonic stepping forward from the shadows and demanding allegiance to all the survivors after the nuclear war that had wiped out 90% of us or after they'd blown up Yellowstone, whichever, whichever one they chosen. There have been some interesting proofs that have already come out regarding the current Pope. prophecy when q says that it's going to be biblical, how do you interpret that? I think yeah, I think I think I think a number I think every meaning that you can take it. So the the look, you know, you look around the world and you see a global pestilence, you see locusts, you see rivers turning red rumors of war. And and you can't help thinking that this is God's judgment of some sort. But I think the punishments, the punishments that are going to need to be meted out to these people are going to be talked about for 1000 years hence. Because Yeah, we just managed to rescue ourselves from their hundred year plan to destroy the West, only just something's retribution. Something that I'm wrestling with is that it appears to be that the good guys are winning, Bigley and that we're about to like, have a triumphant Kind of Renaissance. And yet the book revelations really doesn't have like this clean and happy Renaissance period for a long time. So if we are in the end times, the happy times are going to be pretty short. So what do you what are your thoughts on that? Hmm, I should. Yeah, I should actually check to you. I think, revelation in that stuff, we should actually do a full show on that. I'm a pre service. So I have a kind of a semi old orthodox view of revelation in that awful lot was fulfilled by 70. AD, but obviously I didn't, but I do believe in in archetypes and double fulfillment. In other words, we were meant to look at the world and draw conclusions based on what the text is telling us. And I think there's more than half evidence all around us to say, Yeah, okay, yeah. This were to be reminded of God's judgment. The whether there's a period of enlightenment, I'm not so sure I'm not so sure about that. But certainly, you know, certainly dilute what, just just to take a little step back certainly the the bad guys absolutely believe in Revelation. They it's not an accident that they want to put chips in our hands and they want to get us trapped and have a mark, but then they know scripture extremely well and they are certainly not atheists. But they lose in the in the end of Revelation. Yeah, yeah that Yeah, they do, they do. But the master tells them that they're going to win and they'll have power and they get power immediately when they you know when they murder that child so they know that that's all that's very real and it's very powerful. It's not pie in the sky by and by which to a large extent, the Christian has to console himself or herself. The Yeah, I think that's that that I think we should chat about this at length. They're great for some stage. Yeah. I'm just looking at my laptop battery and I'm about to die. Okay, well, I think we covered a lot of ground and into episode let's call a halt. We'll call a halt to it this time, but we'll we'll catch up next time and I'll make sure I have my power plugged in outside. Sounds good. Paul, thank you for your time and go to Paul Ferber dotnet. To learn more about you. Yeah, yeah, I need to update at some time I've put my my anons archive is up there, but the front page could use a bit of work. Well, I'll send people to your Twitter. Thank you. Yes. It's at Paul underscore Ferber. And yeah, my DMS are always open so I can't answer everything obviously. But I do try to answer any questions that people might have or or if you've got some some Cool information, send it my way. God for that. Great, thank you so much. Pleasure. Pleasure. Bye, everyone. I have great news. So this channel now has a sponsor. And so that's going to support me to create more Q and on Coronavirus and alternative topic videos. And I have a friend named Lucas from Arizona. He was in the Air Force and when he moved to Arizona, he realized there are tons of homeless vets and he wanted to do something about it. So he created this website hero soap company calm, and they make natural soaps without the harsh chemicals without the parabens that cause reproductive problems for both men and women. 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